Mail Fulfillment

Our knowledgeable mail fulfillment specialists work in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service to put your paper in motion! Metered mail, hand stamped mail, indicia mail – not a problem!

  • Presorting

  • Addressing

  • Insertion

  • Collation

  • Assembly

  • Variable Data Printing

Automated barcoding and presorting is a must for mailing efficiently and less expensively. The postal presorting process not only saves in postage costs but also expedites mail delivery because the post office doesn’t have to handle the mail to the degree that is necessary for non-presorted mail.

Typically, any mailing over 500 pieces is presorted and is also processed through the U.S. Postal Service NCOA (National Change of Address) database. This process provides address correction and verifies that the address is spelled correctly and exists in the national directory of addresses. NCOA matches the recipients/addresses in your mailing list to the national directory thereby insuring that the intended recipient actually resides at the address.

Whether manual/hand insertion or machine insertion is required, your mailing is handled with ease.

We can collate all types of documents – both manually and automatically – so you don’t have to! Proper collation helps assure your recipients read your material exactly as you want them to. Let us put your papers in order.

We offer a wide array of fulfillment services for projects that can’t be automated or need extra attention because of size, weight or shape. We can manage your assembly project even if it involves unusually shaped objects you need to mail.

Need personalized statements printed? Our variable data laser printing capability gives you the option of true personalization. Collate statements with other materials like brochures and business reply envelopes to create a complete package...whatever your needs, we can help.